True black metal visual part

Today I have such a possibility, so let’s make it. I have more than 150 themes for posts, but all of them in my notebook, waiting for the better time. Today I decided to write something spontaneous.

Did you ever think about the visual part of true black metal bands, especially from Norway? Do you really believe that they making such makeup, use all these attributes just because they believe that they could be demons?

No, black metal is the theatre of the world of extreme music genres. It’s like an opera, where you can recognize the character by his makeup. And all black metal concerts, Gorgoroth for example, with all the blood, burning crosses, goat/pig heads, etc. are theatre performances. And music part in black metal is important, but there are other parts exists too. Like you already know, visual expression is one of them.

PS: If you hate black metal and think that BM is the piece of shit then go and fuck yourself

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