The most effective martial art in the world

Hi, everyone. What is the most effective martial art/combat sport in the world? I sure that most of you will tell that it’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thay, MMA (even though that this is not a particular style, but rules of the tournament), Combat Sambo, and Boxing (less probable but really could be that Kickboxing or Kyokushin-kan karate). Is it the truth? I’ll try to explain to you my opinion about it.

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Is “Black Panther” the best movie of 2018?

I’m sure that if you live not in the cave you saw gazillions articles/ posts like “Top 10 best comics screen adaptations for all times”, “Best superhero movie”, “First black screen superhero”, etc. And in each of these articles an author trying to tell you that “Black Panther” is absolutely amazing.

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