SJW assholes

This a huge threat, and it becomes bigger and bigger every day, and we should make with this something. Or, in a few years, this planet will be an absolutely ugly place to live.

If you didn’t understand what about I’m talking about – this is left wing propaganda. All these social justice warriors, feminists, black lives matter followers, lgbt organizations, liberal socialists, body positive elephants, idiots who want to see more refugees, and other types of dillholes.

They are everywhere, they even spoiled Star Wars saga and a lot of other movies. And this is not a wave of time or accident popularity. There is a strong and wealthy political organization, that want to change the entire world. First of all, they want to destroy the European race. That’s why all white countries let so many black and islamic refugees to their cities, where these “poor people” rapes young girls, rubbish citizens and destroy everything that they can. They propagate to young boys be pussy and to young women to choose black partners for relationships. They make popular soy products, that makes from men some kind of women with a beard. They trying to destroy political carriers of strong conservative leaders, like Trump. They propagate all kinds of unhealthy behavior (smoking, alcohol, drugs, obesity, internet and computer abuse, etc.).

They sponsor all destructive organizations, and they almost destroy the normal family model. All of them are racists, and they always blame their opponents in this.

I’m pissed off about that, and I’m beginning the series of post about these assholes. They use all types of SMI for popularization their sick ideas, and we should make all the best to fight with them.

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