Dark Funeral live show

Hi, everyone. During the time that I didn’t do any posts here happened a lot of interesting things. And one of them is Dark Funeral live performance. So, let me tell a few words about that.

And to be fair, it was awesome, absolutely cool, one of the best live performances I ever saw during my life. In the same day at the same time, there was another black metal show in Kyiv, where people who choose that another show, saw live such great bands like Mgla, Svarga, Kaosophia, and other. I had some bad feelings about that because that show was very interesting too, but for me, Dark Funeral is much better. And because of that another concert, there were much fewer people in the club, I believe twice less than could be in another day (I don’t know what was in the heads of organizations, who decided to choose absolutely same day and time for their shows). But even in such conditions, there was almost a full club.

The show started almost without delay (9 minutes only, I’ve never seen such a small delay ever), without any band before them. The sound was good, better than 99% live shows I ever have seen. And the most important, Dark Funeral consists of amazingly great musicians, and they play unbelievably cool. They are really professionals with tremendous experience. Everything was great, and when they finished, I wanted more and more (1 hour 21 minute was not enough for me). I hope I’ll have an opportunity to see them again.

You can see some of their songs here:

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