Hi, folks. Some time ago I’ve realized one thing, very often I see a lot of fat and drunk “nationalist”, and “patriots”. And it looks awful. Especially, when those “brave warriors” wear shirts with the title “the honor of the nation”. What?! Honor?! Are you fucker think that you’re the honor of your nation? How could you be the honor of anything? You lazy, drunk, fat piece of crap?

If you love your nation, your country, your culture, you should be a great example of the greatness of your nation. You should show the example for the young generation how cool to be one of your ethnicity. Your children should see a positive example, the leader from which they want to follow (how many of you bitches have children at all?). And what do they see? Lazy weak assholes, that can only talk about their great ancestors.

How your alcohol abuse can help your country or nation?

This is awesome, to be a patriot, to love your nation, the heritage of your culture, etc. But you’re the shame of your nation, you’re useless matherfucker. The fact that you’re born in your country, or you’re representing your nation doesn’t make you better than foreigners. You should make you be better, and show everyone that you and your nation is better.

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