The strongest force in the world


Hi, everyone. I’m live near the big wood, that continues more than 300 kilometers long on the west. And here, in comparing to a big city, every weather causes large effects, because of that, I can imagine the true power of nature much better than most of the people.

I really like to listen to thunder at the center of the storm, this began when I was 6 or 7-years old when I found myself under the thunder-storm without any cover. And, you know, from that time I don’t think that any concert or aircraft can be really loud. If you checking the news, storm sometimes destroying small villages. And not only thunder has a great power. Wind in the field could be so strong, that you will fall when it blows. Sun can burn so much, that dozens of people die from heart attack.

And I don’t tell you about true disasters as tsunami, tornado, eruption, etc. These phenomena can destroy even big cities. Yes, a human can destroy everything using a nuclear weapon. but even if it will happen, earth reestablish itself. And in thousands of years, proofs of human existence will disappear. Some people believe that there is exist some kind of weapon that can change the weather and cause natural disasters. If it is real, we will destroy ourselves even without nuclear bombs.

Another interesting thing is an idea that all natural disasters, new diseases, and climate-changing are a reaction of the immune system of Earth, that trying to kill harmful bacterias (human), that making so much damage for the planet. And, in my opinion, it probably true.

PS: When I seated to write this article, I didn’t have a plan for that, this is the flow of my thoughts

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