Naturals vs steroid users

Naturals vs steroid users

Hi, everyone. It was a very long time since I’ve written about sport and training. And today’s theme is the theme I just can’t miss, I think it is the most common sport-theme in the world web. So, let’s begin.

Each time as someone talking about steroids, you can be sure on 99% that they talking about bodybuilders. But why bodybuilding is so linked to drugs in human minds? I can tell you why it’s because bodybuilders take abandoned by law drugs for modeling their own appearance, not for speed, strength (most of them), or endurance. And everyone can see the results by their own eyes.

And I can tell you one thing, that could change your vision of sport, professional competitive sport cannot exist without steroids and other medical drugs. Even in the first modern Olympic games in 1896 competitors used drugs (you can find information about this using your browser). In each competition, one (or all) participants used one or another method to cheat, just think about using oil in wrestling in the nineteenth century.

Why does it happen? Because everyone wants to win (especially if they spend a lot of money, energy, time, nervous to prepare). And even if you would rather take part in drugs free competition, but you know that your competitors use drugs, you will do it too, otherwise, you lose.

But steroids are not the main thing that will make you a winner. The very important part is how hard you try, how many time and energy you spending on training, how modern and correct your training is, how good your trainer is, how many resources do you have. And finally, the most important is your genetics. Yes, if you born to running the marathon, you can’t become a hard-weight powerlifter or bodybuilder. And if you’ve born very short, you can’t be successful in a basketball.

Yes, if you’d train with passion, you’ll gain a good result, but in comparison to results of genetic-gifted guys, your results will look very average (or even lower than average). And even greater amounts of steroids can’t make you better than those guys. I’m sure, every one of you saw many guys in the gym who take the drugs and looks like shit. Or guys who trying to be a powerlifter, using steroids, and who lift weights that you can see on competitions of much tinier-weight guys.

Good examples of genetic-gifted bodybuilders are Ronnie Coleman, Lee Priest, and Kevin Levrone. Ronnie was a monster even before using steroids, when he came first time to Metraflex Gym, he already was more than a hundred kilograms and he amazed Brain Dobson, who was a professional bodybuilder. Kevin Levrone won his first bodybuilding show even didn’t train like a bodybuilder, he was a powerlifter on those days. And I’m not sure if most part of you ever gain such shape as Lee Priest had at 16-years-old, this guy was born for Mr. Olympia competition.

PS: You can calculate the maximum of your natural genetic potential using the calculator here or on some similar service, but your numbers could be different because they can’t count your metabolism and injuries. The maximum of the fat-free mass index of natural athlete is 25. But if you are a genetic monster, like Ronnie, then your number could be bigger.

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