Danzig – Black Laden Crown (2017)

Danzig - Black Laden Crown (2017)

Artist: Danzig
Genre: Heavy Metal/Doom Metal/Blues
Country: USA
Label: Nuclear Blast Entertainment
Type: Album
Format: CD
Release date: May 26, 2017

Danzig - Black Laden Crown (2017)

This album is the last release of one of most jacked metal musicians in the world (actually, in our days he is not so jacked how he was in 80-90th), Glenn Danzig.

If you familiar with his music, you already know, that his music is totally fit to his appearance. He playing strong heavy metal music with a huge amount of bass-sound. His last albums were recorded without any electronic-nu metal impurities (like he tried to sound more modern in lates 90-th, earlier 2000-th), but in the style of old heavy metal with blues influences.

I saw many negative reviews for this album, some people think that this album is bored, non-original, etc. But what you expected from 63-years-old Glenn, who always played low-speed music? In my opinion, this album is awesome, it is exactly what I expected from him (and I’m listening to him already 17 years).

This album sounds great from the first seconds that you listening, until the end. I advise this album like one of the best old-school-metal albums for last few years.


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