Determined WWIII?

Determined WWIII?

Yesterday I’ve made an article about survivalists, and the danger of global catastrophe (war, disease, etc.). Today I’ve found the proof that such scenario is not so fantastic as you could think. So what I’ve found?

Did you even though about bank’s system and loans? Everyone takes loans for many goals, people, companies, countries. But how they could always take loans, is the world’s money reserve unlimited? No, it has limits. Today I’ve found the website called “US debt clock”, and there you can find an information about total dept’s amount for countries and for the whole world, here is the link. According to data, the USA has a more than 2 trillions of debts!!! And this number is so huge, that even all citizens of the United States would gather all their money, it will be not enough. And the USA is not ones, there are other countries with astronomic amounts of debts.


So, how debts and world war are linked? It is simple if a country has too many loans, the only way to decrease it is war. Yes, when one country destroying and robbed another country, the financial situation in country-winner is going much better. And the bigger amount that should be paid, the bigger the country that will be robbed should be.

We can only wait when it will happen. Because the clock shows the bigger and bigger amount.


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