A few days ago, I have a walk through the old USSR factory, and now it looks like a decoration to a post-apocalyptic movie. And this place inspired me to write this article. I want to talk, what is expecting a human, who survived a global catastrophe.

There is a movement, more developed in the US, called survivalists, people that preparing for the upcoming great shit (catastrophe, nuclear war, global epidemy, economic collapse, machine rise of machines, etc.). Some of them are absolutely insane, but most parts of them are realists. Yes, the big shit will happen, soon or forcibly, but the world will not be always so carefree. Maybe it will happen even not in nearest decades, but there are so many options for a human do destroy everything, that the chance that is never happening is so tiny, that could be even not counted. And even if it will be something not from this list (like a civil war inside the country), if you will be prepared, your chances to survive much increases.

There is also exists such kind of people who wait for total disaster with exciting, you can find public pages of such people, but they are idiots. Why? Because the chance to survive such people is almost zero. They are nerds, who everyday playing Fallout, and dreaming to be such cool as the main character. But even if they survive, they will become a very easy aim for gangs or predators. Or will die because they don’t have any skills for survive.

So what will help you to survive? You need knowledge about survival in the wild world, hunting, fishing, agriculture, weapon, first aid, martial arts, etc. And if you will have a shelter, supplies, weapon, it will be great. And not only knowledge, practical skills are more important than theory. So, you should train

P.S.: Enjoy photos of the abandoned manufactory

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