The Alamo (2004)

the Alamo

Release date: April 9, 2004
Genre: Historical Drama/Western
Director: John Lee Hancock
Country: USA
Cast: Billy Bob Thornton, Jason Patric, Dennis Quaid, Patrick Wilson, Emilio Echevarria

the Alamo This one is a very controversial film. It was a total failure of box office but at the same time very interesting male movie. Some said that this version of story is boring, some like it more than any other.

In my opinion, this movie is one of the best Hollywood’s releases of the last twenty years. And maybe Hollywood critics don’t like it, but after they gave positive reviews to few last Starr Wars movies, I don’t interesting about opinions of coprophiles.

The characters are great, you can believe that these are real humans, not a comics superheroes, like Captain America (a lot of negative reviews about characters, that they are looking like bandits). Davy Crocket, who tired of his famous, Jim Bowie, who can’t take part in the final defense, because of his illness, young slave Joe, who decided to surrender, because he is the slave, and he doesn’t want to die for the people who see him just like a slave.

the Alamo

I think the main reason why this film got so ridiculous small box office, it’s because it is not politely correct (and fuck with this, this is a historical drama, not a wet dreams of some left scam). No heroic women, only two african-americans, both are slaves (one of them coward), Mexicans dying by dozens, no gays, no asians, etc.

the Alamo So, if you are feminist, antifa, lgbt-creature, another comunist asshole – go and fuck yourself. For other people, I advise seeing this film.

P.S.: I would rather look this film 100 times buying a ticket every time, than watching new political shit from Disney and Lucas Arts for free.


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