World Wide Government


There are many opinions about the political situation in the world, and who really is ahead of the world. Most people believe in shit that they see in mainstream news resources, some not. But who really control our lives. Let’s try to clarify it.


There are a lot of versions of conspiracy theory, and some of them are totally insane. And in my opinion, the most wicked directions are controlled by real world’s government. It is very profitable for them because looking at those sick people, most of the other people think “what an idiot?” and believes that everyone who believes in conspiracy theory just stupid freaks.

Let’s back to our main topic. It is not a secret, that exists many secret organizations (Illuminati, masons, skull and bones, etc.), Some of them exists more for fun, but some have a true power. And all politicians leaders of all countries (and of all big politician parties in the same country), giants of business and banks system are members of such organization. I don’t know how it calls, but you can find a lot of information on the internet about that. For example “Bohemian Grove”, where world leaders making some sick rituals and in the free time decides global issues.

All political competitions that you see on TV are just a theatre, all these opponents know each other and have a business partnership in the real life (and the same master). Who are most powerful people in the world? If we talk about people which names you know, it is bankers clans like Rothschild, Rockefeller, etc. But it would be too naive to believe that everyone knows names of most high-ranking people. Most likely only a few people know who they are.

Some believe in reptiloids, some in aliens that control the world, some even trying to find secret messages in songs, playing them backward. I don’t know about aliens, but I’m sure that secret messages in pop-songs don’t exist (most silly that these people can’t hear such messages in lyrics of black metal bands, where such things sing without any manipulations). The only messages that pop singers trying to spread are: fuck with everyone who you see and do everything that you want. Yes, such texts have a very negative influence on society, it might be true that some secret organization tells them to sing such songs, but I’m sure that there are no satanic wizards on record labels, that helps top musicians to write their songs. If you will play any human speech from the back, with a good imagination you can find such “messages” if you want to find them.

nwo I don’t know if there is only one main secret organization that controls the whole world, or there are few different organization, but it is fact, that some people can control all mass media, payment systems, political directions, wars, and other high-priority parts of humanity on the highest level. And now it looks like they want to annihilate white race (I’ll write about white genocide in the world later). Such people are addicts of money and power. And they don’t care how bad your life is, or you will die or live, they can kill millions if it will bring them more wealth.

But what you can do about this, how you can fight with them. You can’t fight with them physically, they have all world’s armies in control. But you can spend less money, because their main profit coming from the bank system, and the less you spend money, less they have, Also, never take a loan from banks. And never support such malicious and destructive organizations as feminists, LGBT, communists, and other left political organizations (all these organizations were created by these people, for destroying strong societies and transforming them into weak and divided)


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