Goatmoon – Voitto Tai Valhalla (2014)

goatmoon 2014

Artist: Goatmoon
Genre: Pagan Metal/Viking Metal
Country: Finland
Label: Warewolf Records
Type: Album
Format: CD
Release date: September 7, 2014

goatmoon 2014

Hello everyone. Today we going to talk about an album of Finland ex-true black metal band Goatmoon, called “Voitto Tai Valhalla”. This album is not a masterpiece, and these guys didn’t make anything revolutionary or unexplored, but this album is really good.

So, why I had described them as “ex-true black metal band”, you can ask. It is very simple because they are not playing such kind of music anymore. What do they play now? They play pagan/viking metal with influences of folk/heavy/black metal and dark folk. Actually, they were not a just black metal band, but the ns black metal band. Had they saved their views? Yes, they still ns, but they not playing black metal now.

From my experience, most of the fans don’t like new albums by Goatmoon, because of such huge changes. But I like old albums and new releases, like this. You know, this album very easy to listen, you will not be bored or tired after the end of this disk, and if you like some folk/viking themes, you’ll enjoy it, I’m sure.


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