Sergei Lukyanenko – Nuclear Dream

nuclear dream

Author: Sergei Lukyanenko
Country: USSR
Genre: Post-apocalypse
Publisher: AST
Publication date: 1989
Pages: 65

Actually, I’m not sure if this book ever released in English. I’ve not found English version in google. This even not a book, just short novel, wrote in times of cold war in USSR. You know, all Hollywood movies got to USSR later, at least by 10-15 years after they were released, and when nuclear post-apocalypse was not a top theme in US and western world, in USSR popularity just became to the highest position.

This story is one of the best novels in such genres, that were written in USSR and in Russian language countries till this day. If you had read a lot of science fiction, post-apocalypse, and books of other genres, this one could appear you quite unoriginal, because there are a lot of other novels that were publicized before. But I don’t think that Lukyanenko plagiarised other works. I think he got inspired by them.

So what is the plot about? This story started in the USA in near future, when nuclear war between USA and USSR just began. Some of survivals created their cult (they are not humans anymore, they are dragons). They’ve survived because they became very brutal and danger warriers. The main character Drago has telepathic abilities, he can talk with his dog using his mind. He meets Mike, the one of people who survived in the undergraund bunker and left it because he has the task with the highest priority for all mankind.

So, if some of you will find English version of this novel, please write me in the comments, I want to read it.


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