Technologies that could destroy humanity

Technologies that will destroy humanity Last few years (during last year especially) I see a lot of news about technologies, made for making human life easier, but could be used for making big troubles for humanity, even to full destroying. In this article, I will remind some, most remembered to me.

Amazon spying bot

When you saw first-time new amazon assistant, you hadn’t thought that this thing could spy for you, even share your personal information with other people? But they can, and once it was officially documented. Of course, Amazon explained that their bot was hacked, but if we talking about artificial intelligence, this explanation sounds unconvincingly.

Did you even think, that Amazon, Google, Windows, etc. could collect your personal information for goals, that you even can’t imagine?


The new language of Facebook bots

New artificial intelligence bots can create their own language, and use it without any dread that human can understand what exactly they discussing. Like this made facebook’s bots.

Even without their own language, conversations of bots could be very weird and creepy.


The robot that has citizenship

This robot had shocked people worldwide because this creature behaves like a human and even looks like a human. This robot can speak about any theme, can jokes, learn languages, sing, play, etc. even has citizenship of Saudi Arabia. With the only difference, Sophia (the name of the robot) makes it much faster than human.


New CJI possibilities

Have you ever thought that you can create a fake video with another person, that no one could not be able to distinguish? Even make it in real time? You can add any subject or person (or delete it) to real-time video, or even change the face for yourself or another person.

This technology makes huge capabilities for manipulations of human minds, for blackmail, for crimes, for intimidation, for creating fake porn, etc. From the moment when this technology was discovered, you can’t believe in any video, because you can’t be sure, is it real or not (I’m sure this technologic was discovered not now, but some years ago, and was used many times for creating fake news).


Google assistant 

Another technology, very similar to last one. But Google assistant not makes fake videos, it makes fake conversations. This AI record your voice and then using your manner of talking. Certainly, Google said that they created it only to help people. But it could be used (and I’m sure it will be used many times) for creating fake conversations, that could cost your freedom, or for explaining that recording with celebrities, with very “slippy” context, was fake.


The robot that can eat human body

This robot, if developers will add the weapon, could become a real terminator. This robot works using energy from processing organic food, even human body. Very useful robot for military goals.

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