Alien Sex Fiend – Curse

Alien Sex Fiend

Artist: Alien Sex Fiend
Genre: Gothic Rock/Deathrock/Post Punk
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Anagram Records
Type: Album
Format: CD
Release date: October 1990

Alien Sex Fiend Today’s review will be on one of the best (in my opinion) gothic rock/deathrock bands of all time. I think this band is not very famous in most part of people in our days. Even in the time when they were active, they never had had many fans.

Such style as deathrock was born in underground clubs, where never was much of visitors. This band is one of the most recognizable, because of high-quality musical and very bright externality of vocalist Nik Fiend. One time I even saw their video on MTV musical channel.

Music of this band could be characterized as gothic rock/deathrock with industrial and post-punk influences (and don’t forget about the sense of humor in lyrics).Alien Sex Fiend

Why I chose this album for review? I thought and tried to choose between this album and “Who’s Been Sleeping In My Brain?”, that was released one year before because I think these two albums are the best of their albums, and they could perform music of this band better than other releases. But this one I like a little bit more.

I think this album should be listened if you:

  • like such styles like gothic rock and deathrock (but I sure that in this case you already made it many times)
  • you want to expand your musical horizons

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