George Orwell – Animal Farm

George Orwell - Animal Farm

Author: George Orwell
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Political satire
Publisher: Secker & Warburg
Publication date: 08/17/1945
Pages: 112

Hi, everyone who read these words. Today I want to write a few words about one of the most edifying books written in the twentieth century (in my opinion). It is George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”. Why do I think this book is so edifying? Because here you can learn everything to understand how work authorities, society, politics, etc. If everyone had read this book, there were no political revolutions around the world. This book is a true dystopia. But let’s talk more detail.

George Orwell - Animal Farm

I think everyone or almost everyone knows tenth studio album of a classic psychedelic rock band “Pink Floyd”, called “Animals”. If you don’t know, this album is based on Orwell’s novel “Animal Farm”. If you like such kind of music and still didn’t listen to it, you should do it.

Let’s back to the novel, Orwell was a great master of describing social problems and politicians lie. His language, his words are amazing. The message of this book is more like a warning for everyone who wants to create a perfect, utopic society. As you can see in real life, each revolution brought only more blood and pain. And each political upheaval was made by young individuals because they are more prone to believe in political propaganda.

George Orwell - Animal Farm

The plot is about the farm, where animals don’t satisfy by their masters, humans. Animals must make much of work, they have too less food, and they feel humiliated by humans. They make a revolution, against farmer-owner. After revolution animals think that now they will have a perfect life. They create commandments of their society, “All animals are equal”, etc. There are three types of animal-citizen: pigs (authority), dogs (police), and sheep (majority).

Their authorities promised them great future, but now they should work harder. Pigs becoming fatter, dogs kill everyone who riots, and the only sheep lives worst and worst. But they still believe their authority.

After some time, pigs began to walk by two legs, like humans (there was a commandment, that forbids this type of walk). And then pigs made the new commandment “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.” Humans came to this farm to check how animals live without humans, and they see that this farm works even more effective than their own farms. They drink beer with pigs, talk with them, and even decided to learn from pigs, how they govern their farm. But pigs replied that they are no longer animals, they are humans (they looks like fat farmers, walk by two legs, drink beer with human, etc.). They even decided to back the old name of their farm.

So, we can conclude there is one more message from Orwell: power corrupts, the absolute power corrupts absolutely. There is no big deal who is your president or government, they all corrupted.

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