Youtube (is it bad or good?)


Last months I see people who try to prove to other that Youtube is crap, that Youtube banned videos and channels without any reason, etc. In this article I will try to describe algorithms of Youtube, and why some videos and channels could be unavailable in some areas.

First of all, I don’t think that Youtube is perfect and Youtube moderators are excellent professionals. Yes, sometimes they make mistakes, and more data we uploading there, more mistakes they stuff will make.

So, why your video could be deleted. First reason: your content could be forbidden in your country or in worldwide. If your video doesn’t show violence, using drugs, porn content, or extremist ideology, it could be a government of your home country made a law, that forbidden thematic of your video. Check legislation of your country. Also, it could be that some user complained about you. You can find which user and why made it. And you can file an appellation.

Some videos or channels are unavailable in some countries for same reasons. If you really want to see a video that forbidden in your country, you can use VPN service.

Also, your video could be demonetized, because your content is not family friendly. If you want to gain the money for your content, don’t choose a theme that is unacceptable for children (or you could make a money by making an advertising in your video by yourself).

But to be honest, Youtube making mistakes that are very sensitive to users. They can block the video that is no violated rules or laws. It happens because if your channel is small, after receipt of a complain, your video will check automatic system (bot). And if this bot will find words that are forbidden (no matter which contest they have, even if you tell that it is bad and don’t do it), your video will be banned. When service checking the video of the big channel (250,000 subscribers and more), your video will check manual reviewers. And in this case, the chance of a mistake is much smaller.

PS: this block has a Youtube channel too, check it if you are interesting.

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