Not an every book makes you smarter


Hi, everyone. I was here last time six days ago. And today’s topic is not so big as I could to write about a literature (I pretty like reading, especially non-trivial and clever books). Today I will write shirt article about books, that I think would be better not to read (it would be better to spend your free time on something more useful)

So, what do I mean as “shitty books”? There are different categories of shitty books and books for dumbasses.

First of all, it is books that were written by old housewives, who don’t have enough sex (because they are too old to attract young guys). Good examples are “Twilight” and “Fifty Shades of Grey” (this book is so full of shit, that I can write fifty articles on a theme “why this book is sucks?”).

Second: books that has an explicit context in the title. Each book with words like “dick”, “vagina”, “fuck”, etc. is garbage. Authors can’t write something really interesting or practical, and they trying to sell their low-quality books using such words. There is no any benefit from reading such literature.

Third: books that were written by business-trainers. All those business-couches, that you can see on youtube are swindlers, who can earn money only selling their worthless writings.

Fourth: porno literature. I’m not mean literature that was written by doctors about the therapy of sexual diseases. I’m about books written for masturbation. I’m sure I don’t need to describe you why that literature is shit.

Fifth: in eastern Europe countries exist such literature, that called here “travel books”. This is small format books, printed on very bad paper, with themes such as criminal, sex, novels written by women for women, etc. This shit very similar to the first category, but the difference is the number of sales of such books. Almost no one knows those authors.

PS: if you found the book that coincides with a few categories, that I’ve described here, you found the apotheosis of shit. It will be a favor for the full world if you will pass it on recycling.

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