Dawn of Ashes – The Crypt Injection (2007)

dawn of ashes The Crypt Injection

Artist: Dawn of Ashes
Genre: Dark Electro
Country: United States
Label: COP International
Type: Album
Format: CD
Release date: 10/20/2007

dawn of ashes The Crypt Injection Hello, everyone. Today we will little bit dilute metal content by this awesome dark electro masterpiece. The first Dawn of Ashes’s track that I’ve ever heard was “Transformation Within Fictional Mutation”, and I didn’t understand, why in all musical encyclopedias and web resources dawn of Ashes characterized as dark electro band (on those days I started listened to such genre of music, and I’ve already heard such bands like Psyclon Nine, Alien Vampires, and Agonoize). Then I found a review for their previous album “The Crypt Injection” and found the video clip “Torture Device” (I’ll add the link to this video at the end of this article). This video today could be cheap and non-realistic, but when I saw it the first time I was amazed. And from that moment I began to listen Kristof Bathory & Co.

dawn of ashes The Crypt Injection In my opinion, this album is the best album of Dawn of Ashes. The previous album is good but quite concede to this one, all later albums much worst. Next album “Genocide Chapters” sounds like metalcore with symphonic includes (it is NOT a black/death metal like many people thought), and the sound is a bit plastical. “Hollywood Made in Gehenna” is an industrial rock, made in stylistic of Marilyn Manson’s “Antichrist Superstar”. Albums after that sound more blackened, but it is still not a black metal (as some side-projects of Kristof Bathory). There are few bands in all United States, that could be called as black metal bands not only nominal (and Dawn of Ashes is not from that number). And I can assure you, Kristof making dark electro much better than metal (you can listen to his new side project called “Bornless Fire”, it is awesome).

It was the better sound of DOA, the best line-up, and as a result the best album. This is the dark electro in the pure form like it should be sound. Best tracks, in my opinion, are: “Torture Device”, “A Blade in the Dark”, “The Crypt Injection”, and “Slasher”. It was the period before guitar sound came to dark electro (I think if you interested in such genre, you know that almost half of all dark electro albums beginning from 2009th have guitar sound, and sounds like a mix of dark electro and industrial rock). And here you hear an only electrical sound, in the best tradition of the genre.

dawn of ashes The Crypt Injection

The lyrics in most part about sadism and torture, and it is more brutal than lyrics of some death/black metal bands. The visual part is amazing, I think it is one of the best visual looks in the history of extreme music genres. Even in most of the horror movies, maniacs look silly in comparison with those guys.

I can suggest this album not only to fans of dark electro or industrial music, I’m sure that many of metalheads will enjoy this album.

Also, interesting news, not a long time ago, Kristof released “VIP Package (In The Acts Of Violence and The Crypt Injection 2018 Tour)”, for true fans of Dawn of Ashes.

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