Robert Sheckley – Immortality, Inc

Immortality, Inc. by Robert Sheckley

Author: Robert Sheckley
Country: United States
Genre: Science fiction
Publisher: Avalon books
Publication date: October 1958
Pages: 250

The first big novel of one of my most favorite science fiction writers, Robert Sheckley. And this is a really awesome book. I’ve read this story when I was a 12th-year-old, and the librarian has told me that this book could be boring for me, this is the book for more oldest readers. But I didn’t listen to her, and I have done right. After this book, I was very impressed, and I’ve back to the library and took other books by Robert Sheckley. And until this day he is one of my favorite writers.

What is the plot of this book? In the first part of 22nd-century science came to the level, when human mind can be resettled from the one body to another. And the result is great, except few small issues, that could outgrow into huge problems.

Also, in 1992 Hollywood made a screen adaptation of this book “Freejack”, with Emilio Estevez in the main role. But in my opinion, the movie is much worse than the book.

If you already have read other, later Sheckley’s novels, reading this one you could be a little bit surprised because you will not find here jocks and Sheckley’s humor. I think at the beginning of his literal path Sheckley thought to be more similar to other science fiction writers. But then he created his own manner and style of writing. But this book is an example of a high-quality futuristic story, and if you like science fiction, you should read this book.

2 thoughts on “Robert Sheckley – Immortality, Inc”

  1. I found this a solid but slight Sheckley novel. He wrote far superior novels later in his career — although, of course, huge fan of his 50s short fic….


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