Why work in the office is not-effective?

office madness

In the modern age, more than half of working people have one of the professions that connected with a full working day in the office. Is this practice good for productivity and health? Let’s find out.

office madness During my life, almost always I had a work position that linked to work at PC (content maker, sales specialist, marketing manager, system administrator, customer care specialist, etc.). And last six years I work remote, from my home. And I have a lot of reasons to work this way, and I can prove that work in the office is not effective, especially in our age of high technologies.

So, let’s talk about minuses of work in the offices.

office madnessFirst of all, you always wasting time to come to work. It could be one and a half an hours per day (if your job is not very far, and you can come by 45 minutes or less), two hours, three hours, etc. During this time you don’t make anything useful for your company or for yourself. You just spending time and energy. And don’t forget, you always will be travel to work in the peak hour, in a crowded public transport, or will be stuck in the traffic congestion. Don’t forget, no one from your top-managers will not refund your cost that you will spend on gasoline or transport.

Second: when you work in the office, you have a huge risk to get infection diseases like flu. If there is an epidemy in your city, you will be infected during you will travel in the public transport. And even if you so lucky, that you came to work by your own car, your colleague, who already got this disease will share you it in the office.

office madness Third: there is a huge noise in the office. Everyone talking with each other, with someone by the phone, managers shout to less successful employees, hundreds of PC working at the same time, doors opening and closes during all day, someone cough, someone laughs, couriers asking who need their package, etc. You can’t concentrate on your work. Also, in such noise, your nervous system going crazy, instincts of your body think that you in the danger, and your body working in the extra regime. After years of such nervous load, you come to be a very sick person.

Fourth: collective. Each company telling that they have a friendly team, and they even make team-building events. But true is everyone hates each other, their bosses, their co-workers (because they are competitors in the way to promotion), everyone trying to share their own responsibility, to blame other stuff in failures, etc.

Fifth: you will work on the company PC, that always cheap, old, your working space will be small, and you will experience mental pressure because this is not your territory, you’ll always be filling yourself a stranger here (because it is not your table, not your PC, not your furniture, etc., it was bought by your boss’s money).

Sixth: your bosses don’t trust you. If they use the model that was useful hundred years ago (you can find photos of offices that are hundred years old), but now is obsolete (you don’t need to be physical in the office, you can make everything remote, using Skype or other dozens of messengers with voice call, video call services, teamviewer or another remote desktop service, no limit mobile connection, virtual machines, etc.), they do it because they don’t trust you. They agree to spend money to buy you pc, furniture, pay for your internet connection and electricity for you, when they could save this money because they think that you are a not-reliable person, you are lazy, stupid, and you will spend your working time to do some shit instead of work. They want to see what are you doing and control you. They even don’t want to increase the number of candidates from one city to the whole world and find a better employee from another country or city (they even can create multi-countries-collective with the best specialists from different countries). Or they just idiots who don’t see a progress of technology. And they are idiots, it would be better not work with them because their business will fall soon.

Seventh: in all offices, you should follow dress-code. And even if it not so strict, it exists in any office. No, it does not mean that you should work naked at home, but at home, you can choose the clothes that are convenient, not wear a formal suit when the weather is too hot. Especially dress-code will spoil your life if you have piercing, large tattoo, or unformal hairstyle.

Eighth: in offices very unnatural light and your vision will deteriorate very fast.

Ninth: in offices many lazy people, who smoke every half an hour or drink coffee pretending that they are great specialists. Also, such people will always try to distract you to drink the cup of coffee instead of work.

Tenth: communication. Yes, it could sound weird, but from my own experience, I can assure you, it is easier to find the person that you need using skype or cell phone than run within hundred co-workers and trying to find him.

Eleventh: I almost don’t need days off because of illness. I’m working at home, and if I don’t have a body temperature higher than +38.5 Celsius degrees (101.3 by Fahrenheit) or I don’t have hard injured, I can work.

In a conclusion, I want to add, that in more developed countries many companies don’t use big offices for all their employees (because of that I can make work in the New York and live in Eastern Europe), it is the problem for third world countries. Yes, all serious companies have the main office, but it is more for the prestige of company, and those offices are not for all members who work in the company. But if you so insane that you like to work in the office, you can make everything you like.


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