Black Hop

Black Hop

Almost one year ago I found on the Youtube video clip of Russian band Uratsakidogi called “Black Hop na rayone”. It is something weird, and I think many people from western countries didn’t see it because this video on the Russian language.

I’m not sure if they made it seriously, or it is just a joke, but there is not only their such style video, there is another video, that you can find down below. The style of these videos could be characterized as a black metal hip hop (like if Varg Vikernes in his pre-prisoners years decided to play hip-hop). And lyric of their songs are about black metal, satanism, horror, cold north, etc., but with an entourage of Russian rednecks.

I like these videos, there are funny and very interesting in the musical sense. For such style musical videos from Russia, there are a lot of viewers, especially first clip.

So, how do you think, is those guys playing their music seriously, or it is just for fun?

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