George Orwell – 1984


Author: George Orwell
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Science fiction/ Social fiction
Publisher: Secker & Warburg
Publication date: 08/06/1949
Pages: 328

Hello, everyone. Today we have a new book review, and again, it is one of my favorite books, and again, it is a science fiction (probably my most preferred literary genre). I’m sure, everyone had seen the screen adaptation of this book, and many of you read this book. But if you didn’t, you definitely should do it.

So, what about this book? This book tells us about the future world, that lives in the total darkness of totalitarianism,  bureaucratism, and suppression of individuality. Each one in this world is just an obedient slave. And two people make their attempt to change their lives.

George Orwell (pen name of Eric Arthur Blair) was a true master of creating excellent novels. And his novel is very actual today because even if 95% (I think even 99%) of humanity doesn’t recognize it, but almost everyone is living now in the totalitarian world, where all those “free democratic mass media” create fake visibility of freedom, and at the same time dictates you how you should live, what should you do, and what should you think.

So, read this book and try to think what you see and what mass media trying to show you.

2 thoughts on “George Orwell – 1984”

  1. A beautifully written book. I advise it to almost all of my friends. I would never have actually chosen this book to read had it not been suggested to me by my two extraordinary siblings. I likewise advise to check out Lauren Taylor . Thanks PS: I like this website.


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