Cruel human nature part 2: torture devices

Here is the continuation of the article about human nature, you can read the first part here. This time we will talk about devices, that humanity had created for satisfying their cruelty.

 In the first part, we made sure, that human is just an animal, that has only a few differences, there are: more developed language, ability to use modern technology devices, and unsubstantiated cruelty. And for the satisfying necessity of cruel, humanity created hundreds and thousandth of torture methods and devices. When was created first devise or method for torture? I don’t know, I think even professors of history can’t answer surely. But I think it was made when human brain became more developed, and when human began to create first tools. Of course, I can’t describe all these methods here, there are exists a lot of books on this thematic (human society exists during many thousands of years and technologies to make someone suffer so many, that I can create a new website for this). But let’s talk about most interesting in my opinion devices and methods.

Cruel human nature

The breaking wheel
The first literal mention of this method was written in the six century. This method was created for punished criminals. The person, who was convicted, was tied up to the wheel, and executioner smashing limbs of that person, during rotation of the wheel, and then this person died on the wheel because of injuries and gangrenous. Also, existed alternative method, when for the same process used a cross consisting of two wooden beams nailed in an “X” shape. This method was used in many countries, a very long time, until the nineteen century.

torture deviceThe iron maiden
This device was coined and created by Inquisition, as historicals thinks, in the fourteen century. It was a metal construction, a coffin-like device by two parts, with spikes inside.  The prisoner was placed inside, and executioner closed the door, and all spikes pierced the body of the prisoner in many parts, And the only thing that the prisoner could make after that – to die because of bleeding, injuries, and pain.

torture devicesRat torture
This method was created in ancient China and the second wave of using began in sixteen century in England. Later this method was used in the other Europe countries, and even in Chile in the 20th century. There are many version of this torture method. The only that was permanent – rats should escape the death by making the way through the human body.

torture devicesThe Judas cradle
 Also known as Judas chair, this method you can estimate this method looking at the picture near this text. This was a stool, with the metal or wooden pyramid on the top, and the executioner set the prisoner on the pyramid. The prisoner was tied and the speed of the execution could be varied, by using oil, lifted the leg of the prisoner, the body of the prisoner could be rocked, or brass weight could be hung by the victim’s legs. The prisoner even could be taken off from the pyramid over the night, and back to the device in the morning. Pyramid could be entered by the anus, vagina, or scrotum. As usual, the prisoner was died by infections, not because of hard injuries.

torture devicesThe Chinese torture chair
This is the Chinese version of the iron chair. The main difference is blades instead sharp spikes on the seat, back, legs rest, and armrests. The sentenced was sat down to the chair, and he slowly died of blood loss. In the other version, he died of the slow roasting alive. I don’t know when exactly Chinese version was created the first time, but the Europian version was very common in the middle centuries, during the inquisition. You can find some of these devices in the antique auction.


torture devicesThe saw
This method was very popular during the inquisition. The technic is very easy, and you can see it in the picture. The victim was tied to the wood construction and two men slowly sawed him from the groin into the head. This could be continued a few hours. Also, it could be used as a method of interrogation.

torture devices

The head crusher
This device was made for crushing the head of the victim. Very slow and painful process of crushing the skull. This device often used by inquisition, and there were many variations of this device. Most common this device was until XVI-XIX centuries. Before critical damage to the brain (and death of victim), eyes extended from their sockets.

Also, this device was frequently used during the bolshevik revolution of 1917, as one of the methods of genocide people by communists.


torture devicesQuartered
This method of execution was used in the times of medieval, ancient ages, and even modern times. Also, this method was very common around the world, it was used in the all Europian countries, Asian countries, and the middle east. The victim was tied to four horses, each limb to different horse and executioners forced horses to run in opposite directions. All limbs of the victim were wrested from the body.

I’m not sure if this article will have a continue, but if yes, it will be about most cruel governors in the history.

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