TORM – Italian electro-industrial project

TORM - Italian electro-industrial project

This time I’ll tell you about the project, that will be interesting for fans of industrial music from 90th. This is another band from Phoenix Music label.

Torm  I don’t know much about this project, but I can tell you what kind of music they make. Their main style is electro-industrial, with the atmosphere of industrial from 1990th. Also, their music has includes such genres as industrial rock, dark ambient, EBM, synthpop, etc. One more thing, I didn’t find any track with vocal, and it could be that these guys make instrumental music, without any vox.

I was a little kid when such music has a commercial success, but I remember well this period of music history. At those times even true metal bands tried to make a more electronic sound (Danzig, Mayhem, WASP, Paradise Lost, Morbid Angel, even Rob Halford and Motorhead made their experiments with electronic sound). And the music of this band makes me remember that times.

You can find their last release “Mind of Shadows” (2016) in the itunes


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