Apartheid and repercussion of tolerance

Warning: If you are some kind of (shit) “tolerance people”, lgbt activist, or anti-fascist, don’t read this article. You will have a dramedies butt-hurt, you should better watch some new Hollywood shit, like a “Black Panther” (or better go fuck yourself and die). But if you decide to read this article, don’t write me your angry shit.

 I think everyone knows the situation in western Europe countries, where their “clever” governments admit millions of immigrants, and then all these new citizens kill native dwellers, rapes women, and children, makes acts of terrorism, etc. And this situation is sad, but at the same time silly. Why? Because all these highly civilized Europeans doesn’t learn a history, even history of modern times. If they did it, they would know what happened in such prosperous in the past country, like South Africa.

If you don’t know what “apartheid” means, and you don’t know what there happened, I’ll tell you in this article.

 No, the government of South Africa didn’t admit myriads of immigrants. Actually, white people are not a native South African people. Their ancestors came to those areas almost four centuries ago. And then they divided the population into parts by races. And were knew what they made, as you can to make sure today.

Apartheid was a system of life for all country, with political, social, cultural, juristic, and economical segmentation. White, black, Asian, and colored citizens must be been live separate each other. And until this order was live, that country was very strong and economical perspective. They had a strong and modern army, strong economic, low level of criminal crimes, and high level of health care.

 But because of liberals from all world, their political system came to more and more “democratic” political visions, and the end of this strong country came when Frederik Willem de Klerk became a president. He reformed political system to “Western-style liberal democracy”, released Nelson Mandela (who became a president later too, and totally destroyed the country), legalized ANC, communists, and other demolished political parties.

Apartheid After that, they destroyed all limits within settlements of white and black citizens, and it was a beginning of the chaos. Black (and the biggest part of all races groups) started to destroy and plundered everything that they see, kill everyone whom they want, and of course rape women and kids. And all world’s liberal organizations were celebrated the big victory of democracy. Interesting that black part made their crimes not against white people only, they made the same with asians and colors parts.

Apartheid Today’s South Africa is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. White people, who still trying to work and have money live behind high fences, with an armed guard. All tourists should be aware, where they can walk and where not. Army of this country decreased the number to two times, and quality of their combat training is lowered much. Police can’t cope with crimes, because the number of crimes is so huge, that if you live in some western country you even can’t imagine such number. Many of cops and soldiers are patients with AIDS. Big cities were turned into ghettos, ghettos are the almost all areas of that country. Skyscrapers are rubbish dumps now, and you should have a good gun if you don’t wanna die here.

Apartheid AIDS here is one of the biggest problems, 20% of the total infected with AIDS (and you can be sure, that most parts of them are from black citizens). Jacob Zuma, the last president of South African Republic, thinks that the better treatment from AIDS is shower (once he rapes the daughter of one of his politician partners, and he knew that she is AIDS positive, but he thought that he cab wash himself in the shower, and AIDS will be gone). And he is not alone, the minister of health of South Africa thinks that AIDS can be cured by lemon and garlic.

Apartheid Also, many black citizens believe, that AIDS can be cured if you will fuck the virgin (I think you can imagine why here so many AIDS patients). And for finding the true virgin, they rape kids. Rape in this country is so spread, that it is an almost usual thing. Even half of the school students don’t think that rape is something bad, a quart of them thinks that gang rape is fun.

And one more “great achievement of democracy”, South Africa is the only country in the Africa continent, where you can see tolerance to lgbt members. Because of that, all gays and other non-traditional people coming here.

You can ask me, what is the conclusion of all this article?

The conclusion is: every nation should live in their own land, where they were born, and they should not accept all immigrants, who don’t want to live by laws of the country where they want to come (and it is no matter who are these immigrants, arabs, black, asians, or even white). And if this rule will not adhere, every country will be a look like a today’s South Africa.

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