Eisenwinter – Tyrannendunkel (1996)

Artist: Eisenwinter
Genre: NS Black Metal
Country: Switzerland
Label: Silent Records
Type: EP
Format: 7″ vinyl
Limitation: 500 copies
Release date: 1996

The first non-demo release of Switzerland’s NS Black Metal artist Zwingherr Greif. If you interested in this musical genre, I sure you know well this one-man band. In my opinion, all Eisenwinter albums and demo-releases are cool, but this mini-album deserve special attention.


All you know that all music, lyrics, and vocal here are creations of one man. And it is very difficult to be a multi-instrumental musician, and because of that most part of one-man projects uses drum-machines, keyboards, and other software and hardware for making and recording sound. And because of that, this album is turned so interesting. Here you can hear Black Metal without guitars and live drums, all music was made by keyboards.

Music is very atmospheric, and in my opinion, many Black Metal bands should learn by this example, how to create a genial album, with an amazing atmosphere.

If you made such mistake, that you didn’t hear this release before, you should solute this great mistake. Highest score.

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