Self education

There are hundreds of thousands universities and colleges around the world. And in each country, everyone thinks that high-degree education will make you very clever, very successful, and a very rich people. Is it true? Let’s find up.

 Like I wrote before, there are a fucking huge number of high-degree education institution, and the very interesting fact is the highest rate of people with a high-degree is in such countries like Russia, Ukraine, and other ex-USSR countries. It is some kind of fucking fetishes, there are market sellers, call-center specialists, taxi drivers, and even janitors with high-degree (some of them even with two or three diplomas). Everybody smart like a fuck.

In the countries like a Japan and South Korea exists the cult of high-degree education, everyone study, study, study, and study (even during holidays), until their brain breaking off and they come to be psycho.

 In Western Europe and North America countries not an everyone can buy a diploma or enter to university, but in these countries too works the rule, that who graduated with A+ works for entrepreneurs, who graduated with C or who didn’t graduate (Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and thousands of other successful businessmens). How do you think, why?

For answering this important question, I think you should reply to yourself, what all these students making all these 5-7 years of their education? They study theoretical materials or have a good time in the parties (with alcohol, drugs, and other fun things for teenagers). Even if they work during their study, they work in McDonald’s or other fast food, and it is not connected with their specialty, for which they study. So, they DOESN’T have any practical skills or knowledge. Even if they begin to work by the specialty, that they have a diploma, they must start learning everything from the beginning.

 Why is the result of this education is so bad? Because even in best US universities much part of professors is immigrants from India or other countries. In ex-USSR countries situation even worst. The most of the professors are old marasmic, whose knowledges and methods are so old, that no one uses them more than 50 years.

Another reason is the situation is so bad because high-education is the business, and government of each country, where exists at least one college or university, has a big money from there. They have a huuuuge money from all this system, the government approves a law, according to which you should have a diploma, if you want to work in some of most prestige position, and you have a choice, or you will spend a lot of money, or you will work in the fast food during the full life.

Do you have another way?
– Damn yes.
What it is the way?
– It is self-education.

Everything that I’m using every day in my life I’ve learned by myself, using internet or libraries (about training, work, learning, treatment, languages, society, laws, etc.). You can find a good job without all these papers, that are more useful for kindling bonfire. You even can start your own business without high-education like it made a much part of successful businessmens (they or don’t have any diploma or graduated after the start of their business, and some of them bought diplomas).

Be smart, don’t waste your time, energy and money, and don’t sponsor this rotted system.

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