Cruel human nature

“Of all the animals, man is the only one that is cruel. He is the only one that inflicts pain for the pleasure of doing it.”
Mark Twain

 Today we’ll talk about human nature, especially about extremely cruel of such kind of animal like a human. And if you want to prove me that human is not an animal but the crown of god’s creation, then I suggest you leave this page (you can spend the time that you will waste for the reading of this article to something else, for the reading of the bible, for example). But if you agree, that human is nothing else, then an animal who can talk and use hi-fi devices, then this article for you.

If you know the behavior of wild animals not from Hollywood movies, then you know that all predators in nature kill other animals only if they feeling starving, or if they fight for the land. And these murders they make without extreme violence, that you can see in the real world, or in the history of humans. And the only reason why is because only humans feel pleasure when they torturing or killing another person or animal.

 Part of the people population prefers to ignore it, some part trying to not see it, and some part sais that it happens only in the third-world countries because these people are non-developed, like a west people in the medieval ages. But it is not true, you can see extreme cruel in the modern world, just remembered serial killers, or members of criminal bands from the ghetto, or soldiers during the war. Also, in the darknet, you can find thousandths of websites with tortures, millions of videos with true deaths or physical violence.

Even in the mainstream resources, most high-rating TV shows is about crimes and physical violence (the same situation with news reports), in a half of Hollywood movies you can see scenes of violence, and in many musical genres (like an all subgenres of metal or rap) most part of lyrics is about violence. Don’t forget about video games, their content sometimes much cruelty than movies.

Human enjoys the violence, experience true pleasure watching brutal violence. You can ask, why? The only reason is that humans craziest of animals that live on the earth. They survived without strong teeth, horns, and big nails, because they were so mad sons of the bitch, that they killed or annihilated each animal, that was dangerous for human.

But in the later time periods, it became a big problem for the human. All these nature cruel created maniacs, monarchs that killed or tortured thousands and millions of people, inquisition, crusades, islamic state, communistic leaders, who destroyed countries and nations, etc.

I don’t want to describe today torture devises and methods of torture, that you can see on the pictures in this article, but if this article will have a success, I’ll write another part, where I’ll write history of torture devises, methods of tortures from different countries and periods, and technology, how all these stuff were used.


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