Another side of fitness

Today I want to talk about fitness. Not about training principles, exercises, or regime. Also, not about fake natural athletes, fake weights, or about idiots from the Instagram, who draw themselves muscles in photos. I will talk about trainers in the gym and about unpleasant things in the gym.

 First of all, who am I to talk about such themes as fitness, gym, etc? I’m a certificated trainer of the gym, I can instruct bodybuilding and powerlifting training, and write nutrition programs.  So, let’s talk about trainers. I’m sure everyone had seen a lot of videos about idiots in the gym, and there is a thousandth of comments in such videos, like “lol! why this dude can’t ask the trainer to show him how to make an exercise correct?!”. They are right only partially. Because 90-95% of all trainers in the gym don’t know anything, they can’t teach anyone anything!

There are three main types of male trainers in the gym: very skinny guys (they look like they had never trained not only in the gym, even like they had never taken exercises in any kind of sport), fat guys (they are or ex-sportsman’s or fat guys who trained a few years, but they don’t want to eat on the regime), muscle guys (part of them is the professional athletes, part is loyal fans of bodybuilding).

The first type is trainers-theorists, they never were athletes, but they had graduated some academy or college. They know much information about training and healthy food, but they don’t know how to teach someone, because they don’t have an experience in the gym. And because of that, they don’t know which exercises or principles work in which case.

The second type – fat guys, as usual, they promote to everyone that you need to eat more, and all exercises that you need is squats, deadlift, and bench press. They have huge mass, but most part of this mass is fat. Also, if such guy trying to come shredded, they often discover, that they biceps is not so big, without fat. Everyone who follows programmes of such trainers came to the same fat shape.

The last type is the most professional type of trainers if they are not idiots (sometimes professional athletes are very stupid but very gifted by genetics for sport, their success is not their achievement but their trainer’s). But part of them is high-quality fitness experts, who instinctively through experience can find the right way for their client.

And it does not depend on price or district of the gym (but to be honest, in the VIP gym chance to find the high-quality trainer is much higher, then in the ghetto). Once I met one of the greatest fitness specialist that I ever knew, in the small military-town with the total population of 10,000 citizens.

Another situation with female trainers. Part of them is weak and skinny, part looks like transsexuals, and the biggest part is fat women’s (they more similar to fast food fans than to fitness trainers). And I’ve never seen the really professional bodybuilding female-trainer.

Why are non-professional trainers so bad? First of all, they don’t know what they trying to teach their clients. Very often they even traumatized their clients. I saw thousands of times such situation when the client makes some wicked shit with the barbell and the trainer waisting his time in the smartphone. These “trainers” don’t give a shit what their client does. And in my opinion, if you are the trainer and you are teaching others how to train, you shouldn’t be fat!

And let’s talk about gyms. Most part of the reception staff is don’t know anything about the sport, but trying to sell you services of the gym. In 99% of gyms or don’t have a conditioner, or their climate equipment work in non-comfortable regimes. Training equipment in the emergency condition, tracklist made for cater to the maximum number of clients, represents the mix of all mainstream genres of music.

It is not all problems of gyms, but the most disturbing of them.

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