Malko – ambient artist from Switzeland

I don’t know much about this artist, actually, I almost don’t know anything about him. I’ve found him on the label, where Keyvanoth (also known as Beshenitar) published his last album, (I’ve written about him a few days ago). But I think this artist makes excellent music.

 This artist is not famous, I even not found him on the Last FM. But his last album “Time Travel” you can find everywhere (Amazon, Itunes, Google Play, etc.) This album is one of the best ambient albums that I listen for last months. His music has such influence like EBM, Synthpop, Etherial, Darkwave, Dark Electro, etc. After visiting his Youtube channel I made sure that he is a very religious person. As usual, I don’t like christians artists, but his music is very attractive.

When you listen to his music, your mind traveling to another world, to the surrealistic and fantastic world of this Switzerland artist. If you like Ambient, this artist could interest you. But if you fan of extreme metal genres and you don’t listen to anything else, don’t check it, it is not your genre.

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