Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi (2017)

It will be my first movie review on my blog, but this review will be for the movie that I don’t like. Actually, it is the worst movie that I’ve seen in last 9 month.

 What exactly bad in this film? – Everything, except computer graphics. Let’s talk about this consistently. Warning: if you didn’t see this film but you plan to do it, don’t read the text downstairs, there a lot of spoilers.

  • The movie doesn’t have an atmosphere of the original trilogy (or at least an atmosphere of the trilogy about clone wars)
  • Kylo Ren is the worst villain from the star wars universe (he also  most stupid villain from the star wars universe)
  • Dialogs are so primitive, that you can feel yourself like if you watching a child movie about space rangers
  • Luke Skywalker creates a fake version of himself using force and sent this copy to fight with Kylo Ren. He did it because he didn’t want to give Kylo Ren chance to kill him. And then he died because he’d used too much force (lol)
  • Rey came to Luke because she wanted to learn how to use the force and come to be a jedi. And she came more strong by the end of the movie, but Luke conducted only one(!!!) short training for her
  • One and a half of episode everyone said how strong Snoke is. And he didn’t take a part in any battle in the movie! Also, he died like a full idiot
  • After huge defeated in the previous episode, First Order created a new weapon and myriads of new ships.  It seems like First Order has an endless resources
  •  All main characters from this trilogy don’t have a charisma and they are not interesting
  • Even characters from original episodes look boring
  • New episodes repeat many events from the old trilogy
  • The story is so predictable that you can know what will happen in the next scene

Like a conclusion, I want to add that I’m a fan of star wars, and I saw each movie or TV series, also I’ve played all PC games released before 2013, what will be in the next scenarios that Disney will approve for the next episode.

P.S.: “Rogue One” is the shit too.

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