Keyvanoth (BESHENITAR) – Depressive Black Metal from Iran

Today I’ll tell you about a very interesting band from Iran. It is a depressive black metal project, and actually, I’ve not found it by myself, it was suggested to me by one person on the facebook page of this blog. But I can assure you, that this band is really good, and you should listen to it, at least for an acquaintance.

  I very respect black metal bands from the islamic countries, because it is not the same thing to play black metal in western Europe and play black metal in Iran, Iraq, or any other country in the Middle East. Such bands create their music outer the law. And there is a real risk to go to the jail for such music.

And Keyvan, the leader and only musician of KEYVANOTH (it is the one-man project), live and create his music in such atmosphere. He started to play black metal music in 2008 when he was 16 -years old.  for the present moment, he released 3 albums: North of Goblin (2016) [EP],  Damn Society (2017), Rebellion in Solitude (2018) released by Phoenix Music. The first EP I’ve not listened yet, but the second album is really good. From “Rebellion in Solitude” I’ve heard only two tracks, and they sound cool (I want to listen to the full album  soon).

As I read the interview with Keyvan he is Persian and he sings only on Persian. Band name KEYVANOTH translates like Saturn and his lyrics about misanthropy, death, nature, freedom, despair.

In my opinion, the sound is great, the atmosphere is very well, the lyrics I can’t estimate. I advise you to listen to this interesting and exotic artist, who makes really good music.

I’ll leave here a few links to youtube with tracks and also if you are interested in this band, you can buy “Damn Society” album by this link and “Rebellion in Solitude” album here (or if you want to support this band)


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