Aster comics, review

Country: USA
Genre: Fantasy
Author: Ronaldo Roxas, Narciso Roxas, Oliver Isabedra
Publisher: Entity comics
Format: Comics
Publication date: 1995
Book #1

It is not a book, in usual meaning, it is comics book, but I’ll write reviews for comics to books category (I don’t read so many comics, to create a separate category for them).

I have a long story with this comics. When I was 5 or 6-year old, my older brother bought a black and white copy of this comics, and the seller told him that it is comics from the series of Conan-Barbarian. In those times I was very surprised to see such muscle heroes and so many battles in the comics. And I knew that it is not a Conan-Barbarian.

And even more surprised I was when I found original US version of this comics in the market by three times lower price then I found it after on the internet store.

These comics didn’t get commercial success, and because of that, the series was ended after few books, in 1995. But in my opinion, this universe is much interesting, more attractive than much more successful series. The plot is simple enough, Aster – the last of Celestial Knights, came to the prison planet, that no one can leave, and he should defy Dessa, another Celestial Knight, who has disappeared many years ago, and who made this planet prison.

There are many battles, very interesting characters, cruel world, where you can survive only if you have enough power. This series was made for the male audience, I think, and there are some visual similarities with the Conan-Barbarian world. But I don’t think that authors created this universe be under-impressed by Conan.

If you a fan of warrior comics, or you like a literature with a lot of battles, you should read these comics, if you will find it somewhere, this series was ended a long time ago.

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