Evolution of vampires in entertainment

From the earlier years, I was very interested in movies and books about vampires. And I noticed one trend, with years vampires more and more become to be very similar to people, and they more often show not like negative characters, but like a positive.

First novels about vampires were written in the eighteenth century, but first character-vampire, who get a world-wide famous was Count Dracula. And in these lucubrations vampires were shown like an evil, demons, forbidden by god creatures, who feed by human blood, and these vampires were enemies of people. They were predators, who placed higher position than human in the food chain.


First vampires in the movie were Count Dracula, again, and Nosferatu named Count Orlok (director of the film wanted to create the movie based on Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” novel, but he didn’t get permission from Stoker’s rightsholders, and he decided to change the name of the main character). Dracula doesn’t need to be described, so let’s talk about Count Orlok. He was known as a “The Bird of Death”, and he believed that he was created by demons from hell.

Such representation about vampires continued for a long time, sometimes some literature author or cinema director created parody stories about vampires, but vampires always were negative characters in these stories. Until 80th, when were made a legendary movie “Lost Boys”, and Anne Rice wrote her “Interview with the Vampire”.

  In the “Lost boys” not all vampires were fed by human blood, and they dreamed to kill the vampire lord and be free. In the “Interview with the Vampire” and in the world created by Anne Rice, in general, were bad vampires and good vampires (as in the human world, bad guys, and nice guys). And one of the main characters, vampire Lestat, decided to be a rock star. These stories got status of the world classic and many people are fans of these stories.

  The tendency was set and with years vampires came to more human-like look and lifestyle. After “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and many other TV series, even young schoolers want to be vampires, because it is cool. Such glamour version of vampire’s world as “Underworld” and computer games made vampires theme more popular and more interesting for children.

But the worst version of vampires is “Twilight”, made Stephenie Meyer and Hollywood’s producers. Both, and books and films are stupid, glamour, mainstream version of vampires world, made for the shy teenager girls. All these “vegan” (WTF???) vampires, who feed on only animals blood* (lol) are the product of bored housewife, made for young girls. They look like a Justin Bieber and their behavior is very similar to knights from child’s fairytales.

  And I even don’t want to imagine, how will be looking vampires in the future. I hope that authors will refresh their minds and will back to vampires their functions, their look, their behavior. Because now, I sometimes don’t want to tell anybody, that I like literature about vampires.

*vegan – is the person, who doesn’t use animal products, and if these vampires drink the blood of deer and other animals, they couldn’t be vegans.

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