Music for pick up chicks

“Anyone who tells you they got to rock’n’roll for reasons other than girls, fame and money full of shit”

Gene Simmons

Today we will talk about another reason for creating commercial music than money. We’ll talk about guys, who came to music for pick up girls.

  I sure each of band, whom about I’ll be mean here, can explain goals of their music by the different way, but deep inside their mind, they know that they telling lie. Did you ever think, why this guy (or guys) looks so glamour, so womanly (or sometimes demonstratively courageously), and why they spend so many energy and time to their exterior? Maybe it helps them somehow to play good music? Or it helps them to write music and lyrics? And very often their lyrics very similar to their look, or about how cool guys they are, or how great lovers they are, or how many girls want them (but also they don’t forget about love-songs, because girls very like lyrics about love).

And it’s not just about rock or metal bands, such kind of musicians is revolve around all popular among young people musical styles (hard rock from 70th, glam rock from 80th, neo-punk from earlier 2000th, rap beginning from 80th, rave at the late 90th, emo from 2000th, metalcore from earlier 2010th, etc.)

 Even many young bands from not such commercial-successful musical styles (like a screamo for example) in 95% of cases decided to be musicians only because they believed that they will come famous and will have a success with girls.

And commercial musical labels and producers always glad to see such guys, especially if they are talented as musicians (even if they look is not so nice, nutritionists and stylists will make them looks better). Young sexual energy make an effect on girls, as this musicians want (girls wants to have sex with them), and for non-gay guys, such music shows an example, how to be successful males, and they try to look the same (and listen to their music). Labels and producers are satisfied, they have big amounts of money.

  All these commercial pieces of shit in the cute wrapper advertise by entertainment channels (social media, youtube, magazines, etc.) and each young person see all of this every day. And this music doesn’t have anything similar to real music,  it is the product of unsatisfied sexual energy of loser guys.

Some of the listeners, from envious-numbers part of, sais that such artists are gays. It is not true, or true only partially (because sometimes producers and other seniors persons from the music business like to fuck young guys). But the fact is it such artists have so many sex with their female fans, that you can’t imagine.

Also, I want to clarify, this applies not only to young artists, some of them already become old, but it it is change nothing, they still are poseurs. When it was started? Very long time ago, even Elvis Presley was such artist. I think it was started when musical business was born.

About female-pop artists we will talk later, there is not everything nice too.

And you have got a butt-hurt effect just reading this article, you are one of such guys, which about this article or one of their fans.

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