Darkthrone – Transilvanian Hunter (1994)

1. Transilvanian Hunter
2. Over Fjell Og Gjennom Torner
3. Skald Av Satans Sol
4. Slottet I Det Fjerne
5. Graven Takeheimens Saler
6. I En Hall Med Flesk Og Mjod
7. As Flittermice As Satans Spys
8. En As I Dype Skogen

  One of my most favorite albums of all times, and in my opinion this album is an example how should sounds a true black metal album.

  Darkthrone started like a death metal band, and you can hear it in their first album and on some later releases. But beginning from the second album, with help from Euronymous (Mayhem), they changed their sound to black metal. Their albums of the first half of 90th are truly the best examples of true black metal sound for future generations. And this album is a standard of black metal.

Beginning from this album Darkthrone became a duet of Fenriz and Nocturno. But it seems like it benefited them (guitarist Zephyrous left the group before recording this album). Because the result is much better than in records that came before.

The sound is specially recorded at the lowest level by worst instruments. And it is raw, atmospheric, angry, gloomy, and the darker than everything that was recorded in the world of metal music before. Such atmosphere could be born only in cold Nordic Norway. And everything here is amazing, guitar sound, drums rhythms, angry vocal, dirty sound, cold atmosphere. It is the masterpiece of true Norwegian black metal, and I sure this album knows not only black metal fans.

 The first track is an anthem of the black metal wave from 90th. You can find on the CD inscription “True Norwegian Black Metal”, and it describes what you will hear on this album, but the first version was different text “Norsk arisk black metal”, but label forbade this inscription and changed to the version that you can see today.

Very sad that Darkthrone will never make anything like that (their albums from beginning from 2006th sounds like this is another band with the same title. Only “Arctic Thunder”(2016) not bad, but not so great like a “Transilvanian Hunter”).

When you’ll listen to this album, it could happen that you will think that sound in all songs very similar. And it is true, this album is like a long song consist of different parts.

  There are no doubts, you should listen to it if you didn’t do it before. Even now, until I’m writing this review I listening to this album with a repeat.

This album is so good, that you’ll want to listen again right after the end of the last song. What can I tell more about this album? Only one thing: bravo Fenriz, bravo Nocturno!!!

Also, interesting fact: tracks from 5th (Graven Takeheimens Saler) till 8th (En As I Dype Skogen) written by Varg Vikernes (Burzum)

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