Sometimes it could be better to end the story

Last year (maybe even last ten year) almost a half of new movies that were released, are continues of the old famous films. And very often, after watching “new” movie I have a strong feeling, that it would be better if this film was not created.

And I have such feeling not only about movies, but many musical bands, whom old albums were amazing, recorded a new album so weak, that I feel like “Back me the time, that I have spent to listening to this crap”.

A good example could be Star Wars, with all these new episodes and prequels are so crappy, that I can’t imagine, what they will make in the next movie. I think Disney destroyed the world, that George Lucas has made. And the reason is not that of old characters acting by the different way, and in each next part, someone of them dying. I can’t recognize the world of star wars, in these films different atmosphere.

  The same has happened with Star Trek, last part is so boring and stupid, that I regret that saw this movie. And one of my biggest disappointments – “Alien” by Ridley Scott. This universe is dead for the very long time, and all new these parts of “Alien”, or “Prometey” are just pieces of shit.

Don’t forget about “Terminator”, “Hellraiser”, “Astral”, “Sinister”, “Forsage”, and “White noise”. I can continue this list, I know a lot of examples, and I can explain why these new parts are so bad. But don’t waste time. All these stories are dead, even worst, they are rotting and emits miasmas. All these new movies were created just because of influential people wants to rich more money from these stories.

The same situation with a music. When you will see a new (next) album of Marilyn Manson, you could be sure, you see a piece of lazy, bored, mainstream shit. His today’s music just like a lazy dick, when you tired of fuck, or if you have some problems with erection. And his fat face with inaccurate makeup looks ridiculous.

Very soon you could find a new album of Dimmu Borgir. This is not a Dimmu Borgir, that you maybe had heard in their albums from 90th, it’s a new Nightwish with male vocal. And one more similar artist, Cradle of Filth. Their first (The Principle of Evil Made Flesh) and second (Dusk… and Her Embrace) are amazing, it’s really great albums, with very original sound. But after “Midian” (even earlier) they music sounds like a McDonalds, it’s not a healthy food, it’s just a fast food. 

And I mean not only rock or metal artists, rap singers, industrial bands, and I can remind here even book authors, who destroy their own universes in the continues.  It’s a problem of many bands, that have got a commercial success.

Sometimes, if you a successful artist, and you feel that you want to change your sound or musical style, you need to change a name of your band or create side-project for a different kind of music.

The only artist, that have a success and even was on the MTV, it’s a Glenn Danzig. This old man is really cool, and his new album is awesome.

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