Satanists, their ideology and types

  Today we’ll talk about satanism. How could exist black metal blog without an article about satanism? I have an opinion for this case, and I’ll describe it here, so detail as possible.

  At first, I want to clarify, I’m not a satanist, and even in the teenage years I never was a satanist (I knew a group of them, and I like some visual attributes of satanism, but I never thought to join to the satanic organization). From the earlier years, I was a fan of extreme musical genres, metal in particular. And from early years I felt, that I don’t like christianity* (main religion in my country). Islam and judaism* didn’t attract me too. And because of all that, satanism with all this dark aesthetic looked for me much interesting. So, I’ve learned much information about that (and much information about christianity, although to religious christians, I read the bible, all pages. Not because I liked it because after that I could defeat many christians in the course of religion discussing).

There are many types of satanism, like in any religion or political movement. The much part of them are teenagers, with big problems in the private life, with mental diseases, very shy, virgins, sociopaths, outcasts of other teenagers groups. They don’t know anything about satanism, they know only general meanings and old stereotypes (for example they sink that they must always wear around the neck inverted cross and kill animals). This type of satanists is biggest and dumbest.

  In the middle of the 20th century Howard Stanton Levey, more famous as an Anton Szandor LaVey, created ‘Church of Satan”. He wrote several books, provided rituals, gathered many followers from the numbers of celebrities. His interpretation of satanism very similar to rituals and orgies of europian aristocrats from the eighteenth century with new details. He even invented commandments of satanism (lol). In general, his satanism is very histrionic. The much part of his followers is aging celebrities and moneybags, who very like orgies with young boys and girls in satanic decorations.

Also exists a scenic version of satanism, mainly within death and black metal artists. But in 95% they are poseurs, and their satanism exists only on the scene and in their songs.

Exists many other organizations and “churches”, some more extreme, some less, some more secret, some less.

  So, why do I not like all of them? I don’t like them because all of them takes the beginning of their religion from christian, and from the bible.  They interpret everything in a different way, but they agree with existing of the world, that was described in the bible. And I can’t accept for me such ideologic. I even think that satanism was invented by christians or jews, like an intrasystem opposition, that controls by their leaders. It is very comfortable when you don’t have real opponents, and only one who exists it’s your marionette.


* You could ask, why I write names of religions beginning with the small letter. I do it because I don’t respect all these movements, and I think they do not deserve to be written from the capital letter


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