Typical goth/industrial fan (female)

On each goth/industrial concert that I’ve visited, I saw many individuals, looks very sloppy, from the numbers of fans of these musical styles. I’m talking about female fans from eastern Europe (I don’t know how looks like fans from other regions). In this post, you’ll find out, what I’m talking about.

I’m sure that many of you saw images on the internet resources of goth/industrial models. And I’m not talking about them (although some part of them have the same problems). I’m talking about the most part of female-gender visitors on such performances. What I’m meaning by sloppy-looks?

The most part of such girls are fat or have problems with extra weight, drunk, smokes a lot, using drugs, and rarely taking shower (by the conclusion of their smells). They think, that if they will make some weird hairstyle, a lot of piercing, tattoos, other bodmode, putting on a corset and lace, makes a makeup like a vampire from an old movie, and the main detail, make extra frank neckless, they will look unbelievable.

But they are wrong. Very often they look ugly. They can make photos from the most advantageous angle but in real life, they dancing like a drunk polio-infected person, and they posser-lesbian behavior could be liked only by themselves.

Their language very similar to the language of drunk longshoremen and their behavior is a behavior of sluts.

If some young girl reading this article, who very likes gothic or industrial music, you shouldn’t follow them, it is not cool or sexy, it is ugly.

I don’t want to make or add here photos of such persons here. So, you do not see there featured photos.


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