Ghostemane – underground hip-hop with black metal spirit

Hello, everyone. Today I will break the thematic of this blog. Today I’ll write an article about rap artist.

  First time I saw the video of Ghostmane not a long time ago. I was very intrigued and then I found other tracks, and almost every track or video that I’ve found was really interesting. His sound, his lyrics, his visual imagery, I liked it.

His look is not similar to rap artists, he more looks like a metal musician. His lyrics are not ordinary too. I saw an interview with him, and he’s told to a reporter that his favorite artists are Mayhem, Obituary, and other black/death metal bands. He likes rap artists too, but his first experience in music was hardcore/metal band. And in his today’s music, you can hear his extreme vocal, and it sounds very professional.

There is a metal influence in his tracks and even track with a title “Euronymous”. And even despite these influence,  his sound is really underground, and I think most of his fans are metalheads.

  I advise everyone to listen to such tracks like “D(r)own”, “Elixir”, “Euronymous”, “Lake Shore Drive/Swan”, “Rake/Hexada”, and “Nails”. These tracks are really awesome.

Ghostemane’s music was evolved from mainstream sound to totally underground. And with each next release sound becomes more and more similar to black metal. And even exists black-metal ep of Ghostmane “Baader Meinhot” (but I think it is side project). But in my opinion, his rap sound is much better.

Last time I see more and more interesting underground artists, and I’ll write an article here soon.

But let’s back to the main theme of this post. Some metal fans could tell that each metal band much better than rap artists. But I think that there are a lot of weak metal albums, and if exists really interesting underground non-metal artists, then these artists better then metal bands.

Ghostemane’s lyrics are more similar to industrial or metal bands, then to most part of rap artists. And almost in all songs, you can feel an atmosphere of horror.  And besides of metal influence, there are some industrial parts and some of these influence sounds like “Skinny Puppy” samples.

With his musical taste, he could play some type of rapcore, like it was made old bands, like “Body Count”, “Stuck Mojo”, or more later bands like “Limp Bizkit”, etc. But his sound is more interesting, original, and underground.

So, what I can tell you except all that I wrote before? I think this sound has a great future, and Ghostemane will have a lot of artists, who will be inspired by his music.

  And also, Ghostemane will be performing on the same day and at the same time as Abbath, and now I need to decide, which live show I want to see more.  And now I more prefer Ghostemane, because Abbath is not an underground artist and his image looks very ludicrously in these days.

P.S.: It is off top, but I’ve added links to the youtube channel and facebook community of this blog. You can find links there downstair on each page of this blog.


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