Interview with Mark Martinez (Larva’s frontman)

A leader of “Larva”, Mark Martinez, has answered my questions after the concert. Downstairs you can read an interview with him.

What is your favorite style of music? Do you like only electronic music or maybe you like some genres of rock music?

I like and listen a lot of different styles of music…  depends from my mood… from dark electro, to punk music, hard rock, classical, etc.

How do you write your lyrics? Do you need specific atmosphere for this?

Just I need to be in the correct mood….  and this can be everywhere and any time. In a plane, at home, at the forest….  this is the reason I always bring paper and pencil with me.

Your live show is amazing, it’s even more looks like a theater with one actor. How did you make such scenic character?

Was really natural process. In a kind of way…  the live performance is another part of me.

From the first liveshow (lot of years ago) until now.

I don’t understand a music concert only as a band playin their songs. My concept is a complete show. A way to feel and to transmit to the audience that feeling.

How you can characterize your style? Is it dark electro?

Yep, I would say dark electro defines our music. Is dark and is made with electronic instruments. But maybe with an old-school taste…  😉

When and why did you decide to be a musician?

I took classical music lessons at school (piano and flute). And then in my 16s or so I started to experiment with synths, etc

Together with some friends became the first songs (under a project called Morbid Mind)

Really noisy and experimental…  we really enjoyed to go our own way.

And later, all evolved into Larva

Which song from your own is your favorite?

I have a few ones…  depends of my mood, or is the song is to listen or to play live.

For playing live ‘Family error’ is one of my favs…  and to listen… maybe ‘The peace of suicide’ or ‘El siguiente(de la fila)’

What do you think about commercial “alternative” musicians, for example like Marilyn Manson?

Usually, I don’t follow them…   I’m not really interested in mainstream music. But I think if they can show the ‘dark styles’ to new people, that later can join us in a more underground way…  it’s cool!

It’s an introduction way to this kind of music.

Do you want to back to our country again?

Definitively! This country is really beautiful! And the people is really amazing! You know how to enjoy a liveshow and how to party! The energy that a band receive in the stage from the crowd is really powerful here!

Do you like horror movies? If yes, then which are your favorite?

Yes, of course! I’m an horror movie freak!  Hahaha

Even I sample and use a lot of sounds from the movies I like!

I really love the Italian horror movies from the late 70 until 90.

Directors like Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava.

I prefer the real FX (makeup and so) than the computer generated ones.

But I love new horror movies too.

Martyrs is one of my favourites. Powerful movie!

*All photos in this article were taken from official Larva’s facebook page.

Also, another interesting fact about “Larva”, their music will be used in the new Spanish horror movie, you can check a trailer at this link

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