Interview with Nathan Reiner, leader of Third Realm

After the concert, for which I’ve written a review earlier, Nathan Reiner has given me answers to my questions.

Is it your first visit to our country?

This is actually my third time in Ukraine, but my recent show in Kiev was my first performance in the country.

 Your sound is changing with each new release; and now they’re a lot of guitar riffs, rhythms more intensive, vocal more aggressive, and your last album sounds more like an industrial rock. Is it because your musical tastes changed?

My musical taste hasn’t change, I just prefer to explore several approaches when I create music.  I find it a bit boring when bands create the same type of song over and over again.  It can get quite tiring, especially at a live show, if all the tracks sound the same.  I like a variety of underground styles, and ever since I released my first album back in 2005, I refrained from boxing myself into one genre.

 Where from your lyrics coming? How do you write your texts?

More often than not, my lyrics are based on my current emotions and situations happening in my life.  I was never attracted to the idea of my band being an “act”, or fantasy based.  The reason I got into music in the first place was to have an outlet of sorts.  Music has always been therapeutic for me.  I often create the musical compositions first, and then I begin to brainstorm the lyrics.

 What is your favorite song from your own?

That is a bit difficult to answer.  I ponder it from several points of views.  There are some tracks that I am happy with the way the production turned, while others may have had a great beat, etc.  I suppose I would say “Somber Reflections”, because it resonates with my emotions the most.

Will you continue an activity of “Sinister Device”?

I definitely plan on releasing a new Sinister Device album at some point.  Hopefully in the next year or sooner.

 Which musical styles are your favorite?

Industrial / Dark Wave / EBM / Black, Gothic & Thrash Metal

 Do you agree with such opinion, that when an artist get commercial success, his music becoming less attractive?

It certainly depends on the band.  It is not an automatic occurrence, but I have seen this happen to many commercially successful bands.  The creative passion slowly dwindles, a professional recording studio is no longer used and there is an assumption that fans will like the music regardless of the lack of effort put into the production.

 Do you like horror movies?

Of course!  Some of my favorites are Rosemary’s Baby, Angel Heart, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The Orphanage, Black Sabbath & The Shining.

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