Third Realm/Larva night’s show

A few days ago I was at the night’s concert, and there I’ve seen a live performance of “Third Realm” (USA) and “Larva” (Spain). There were other artists too, but these two bands were really amazing.

The main reason why I’ve gone there was a concert of “Third Realm”, but a live performance of “Larva” was so great, that I even don’t know which live show impressed me more. But first I’ll tell about the concert in general. The ticket was so cheap, that I even didn’t believe if that is real. The club, where this event happened, is a small club, where performs only underground bands, and all staff is fans of alternative music. There is a small hall, small stage, little sound equipment, etc. Most of the visitors were too drunk, some of them came there so wasted, that they could not stand without the help of their friends. Some of them were using drugs, some were smoked at the hall, and many of girls were looks like sluts. The sound was sucked, and two days after my ears were hurt. The only thing that was good enough is light.

The most annoyed was a couple of drunk goth “lesbians”, they very stunk and so drunk, that at the end of the show they dropped to the stage many times.

The first artist was DJ duet who playing dark electro. They make it well, but I don’t remember any track. The second was Spanish band “Larva”, but the only frontman has come, and he has played alone. However, his performance was amazing, even more, it was looking like a theatre. Mark, frontman of “Larva”, could be an actor. And also, he is very polite and communicative person. Really fast he agreed to give answers to my questions, and soon I’ll write here an interview with him. And after that, I continue communication with him on the facebook. He’s a great guy.

After the short pause, “Third Realm” was come to the stage. First that I noted was an exterior of  Nathan Reiner, he’s changed his image. His vocal is great, I think that he is one of the best vocalists of the industrial/gothic stage. A very interesting moment has happened when music was stopped when he performs “Love is the Devil” song, but he continues the song and his vocal was awesome. The only thing that I didn’t like, his version of Combichrist’s track “Get your body beat”. I don’t know why he decided to play this track. After the show, I’ve talked with him too, and he replied to my questions on the facebook private messages. Interview with Nathan I’ll write here too. He is a very nice and polite person.

Like a conclusion, I can tell, that the concert was good, but not perfect because of the level of organization.

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