Legalization of weapons

I think it’s a most discussed theme on this days, weapon control and safety of citizens. It was started after Florida high-school shooting, that has happened 14th of February in Parkland.

Let’s remind the chronology of this crime. At this day 19-years old Nikolaz Cruz, who has problems with mind-health killed seventeen students of high-school. Police have investigated that Nikolaz has written about his plans before in the comments section of some Youtube-videos.

This massacre provoked disorders in the society, people clamor to toughen gun control. In the country like the USA possession of the weapon is one of the constitutional laws.

Relatives of perished students blame police and president that they can’t protect citizens. And they have a serious reason to this. But there are a lot of reasons to leave everything in the same places.

Like rightly remarked president Trump, if someone of school members was with a gun, everything might come by the different way. And even if will be the law, that will forbiddance people have a weapon, criminals will find the way to get it (like in any country, where such law is a part of legislation).

And the most important reason for my opinion, right to have a weapon is an attribute of a free human. Historically, only slaves didn’t have a right to use the weapon for self-protect. And US society consists of free people, in comparison with countries of East Europe, where I live. And I sure, that if the USA will decide to refuse this right, they will make a huge mistake.



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