I’m a Nazi?

I’ve collided with a very interesting question, am I a Nazi? By first look, it would seem like yes. But everything is not so simple. I’ll try to explain it in this article.

I love europian culture and look of native europian people, but I don’t think that if you white you’re the high-level person. I know many stupid and awful persons, who have a white skin. To be a real dignified person you need to be clever, oriented on self-education and self-development, civilized, independent,  brave, and self-sufficient human individual.


Also, you need to be law-abiding and you need to respect your nation and land where you came from. But 95-99% of people from any nation are trash. Almost all people are nothing else as monkeys, that can talk and use smartphones. Some nations and races are more aggressive genetically. Like an example “African-Americans” from the USA. Risk of a white woman to be raped by black men in thousand times higher than a black woman to be raped by white men. But the percent of trash people will be 95-99% in each nation.



I don’t hate everyone who has black skin if this person is not a criminal and he respects lifestyle of the native nation, he is a normal citizen. Some of the black people even better than many of white. I know examples when they have lived a full life without crimes and even came to be policeman, firefighter or doctor. They are heroes, not a simple citizen.


But numbers tell by themselves, the most part of prisoners in the US jails are black, and none activist of organizations of tolerance will never persuade me that all people are same.

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