New creepy shit from my playlist

Hi, everyone.
I’ve done it again. I’ve left my own blog for a long time. As usual, I don’t have enough time and enthusiasm for making posts more often. Maybe I’m a lazy ass.

Today I want to tell you about the one really interesting band, that was surprised me very much. It calls “Terra Tenebrosa”, and it is a really underground thing.

It is Sweden band, consist of three members, their genre could be characterized as an avant-garde black metal. Their image and atmosphere of their music are really creepy.


The first track, even video clip, that I’ve found was “At the foot of tree” (I insistently suggest you watch it, I’ll share the link at the end of this article). I didn’t feel anything such atmosphere like this for a long time. It looks like a mystical non-commercial horror movie.


Then I’ve found other videos and their album “The Purging” 2013, and now I’m sure, this is one of the wicked bands in the world. Their music doesn’t have classical structure, each track is a little part of the world of total hopeless.

If someone will tell you that Marilyn Manson or Slipknot is creepy and they don’t make a pop music, show them Terra Tenebrosa, I’m sure they will shut up.

My favorite tracks for the current moment are:  “The Purging”, “At the floor of tree”, and “Where shadows have Teeth”


I hope I’ll make posts more often. And like I’ve promised, the link to “At The Foot of The Tree” official video

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