What will be with our society, when civilization will fall?


Someday our civilization will fall, it’s just a matter of time. But what is waiting for us, when it will happen? In this post, I’ll try to predict.

Like I’ve written in yesterday’s post when society doesn’t have legislative government or dictator (strong power, that provides observance of law), society comes to chaos. Everyone just trying to satisfy their animal instincts: stealing, killing, raping, destroying. You could be seen all of this in Iraq when Saddam Hussein was deposed from power. Or in Egypt, after the revolution, or in each country where were war or revolution. And the more people in the locality, the more dangerous chaos in there.

Big cities are the most dangerous places in the world after falling of civilization. There’re a few reasons: here are more enemies (other humans); if it’s war, nuclear bombs will be dropped on biggest cities, not on villages; if was used a biological weapon, the more probability that a source of infection will be in the city; houses in cities with many floors without electricity, water supply, canalization, heating are absolutely not suitable for life.


Also, if you come to be a member of some community in the big city, where communities will be bigger than in small villages, you must not forget about minuses of that. Where many people, there is corruption. And in the big community highest level of probability, that community will sacrifice you, when will be a dangerous situation.

And another one reason for leaving the city, in the countryside you can be started to grow up your own food, to raise livestock. Also, defend your own house from other people will be easier than in the city.

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