Power of nature


Humanity thinks that technical progress is won the nature, civilization is the power that can save people from the chaos of the outward world. Is its real state of affairs? I’ll try to reply to this question in this post.

Civilization is a very fragile thing, people very quickly becoming to ape-man of the stone age, you can see it in each country where is war or revolution. There people starting to stealing, killing, raping, like a wild animal, even worst (people more cruel than animal). Everyone, an ordinary citizen, police, army, everyone. All that needs for that are lack of civilization or legislative governance.

Except for nature of human (wild animal), civilization is very fragile for natural disasters, like a storm, hurricane, flood, eruption, earthquake, a meteor falling, etc. Also, people can use nuclear bombs and then civilization will drop in a few moments. And no one humans invention can’t rival with natural disasters.
I like to watch on lightning at the window or on the balcony, and when you doing that, you understand that this power of sound and light so powerful, that you feel an instinctive thrill. Nature is the only thing that deserves to be the object of worship. Nature can cure herself, and nature will back to equilibrium when humanity will disappear. You can sure of it in some abandoned city. There’re a lot of wild animals and plants. And structures that were created by human are being destroyed.

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